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As spring and summer arrives, many homeowners and garden enthusiasts are searching for innovative landscaping solutions. Natural stone pavers enhance the environment and create beautiful and functional outdoor areas. Natural stone pavers are available in several types for use in gardens, driveways, patios, swimming pool copings and multiple landscaping projects.

Granite, a type of igneous rock formed by the crystallization of lava and minerals under the earth’s surface, is one of the most popular choices for driveways, garden paths, retaining walls and garden borders. Granite pavers are durable in all weather conditions including extreme heat, humidity, rain and snow. The strength of granite pavers can withstand heavy weight, such as from a hot tub, iron or teak furniture and large barbeques. Granite is not treated or filled with colored resins or concrete additives. The intensity of colors and patterns is created by natural mineral crystallization. Granite pavers are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Limestone, one of the hardest sedimentary rocks, is formed at the bottom of natural bodies of water. Traces of marine-life fossils are often embedded in layers of sediment, creating interesting striations and patterns. Limestone pavers require regular care to maintain clean surfaces and prevent unwanted moss, mold or water retention. For an outdoor patio installation, limestone pavers can be placed symmetrically, diagonally or can be interspersed with other types of natural stone pavers to create a unique, artistic appearance.

Marble is formed from a combination of calcite, aragonite and dolomite crystals, which creates the unique texture, color and patterns of the stone. Polished marble pavers can be used as swimming pool copings, although the surface can become slippery when wet. Brushed marble pavers with a matte finish are more appropriate for use as pool copings and hot tub decks. Marble pavers are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Travertine, a type of limestone, is ideal for swimming pool copings, patios, garden paths, rock gardens and driveways. Travertine pavers are slightly textured, which provides moisture and temperature resistance, as well as a safe non-slip surface. Travertine pavers are appropriate for all climates, as they remain cool in hot summer months and retain natural warmth in cold winter months. The strength and durability of the stone prevents cracking or chipping. Travertine colors will not fade in bright sunlight and retain natural color and texture for decades. Travertine requires little maintenance other than regular cleaning with a garden hose. This natural, durable stone is versatile for use in all landscaping projects, including pool copings, garden stepping stones, pathways, driveways and retaining walls. Many contemporary homes are being constructed with the use of travertine pavers for large patio areas, replacing typical wooden decks. Travertine pavers have twice the strength and longevity as concrete pavers. Wide color and pattern selections are available.

Travertine pavers are available in several finishes. Polished travertine pavers have a smooth and glossy finish, which can become slippery and dangerous when used as swimming pool copings. Honed travertine has a smooth, satin finish. This type of paver does not reflect light and does not retain heat in hot and humid climates. Honed travertine pavers are the most widely used for pool copings and outdoor patios. Sandblasted travertine pavers have a porous texture similar to commercial pavement. Acid-washed travertine pavers have a non-polished, natural surface. These pavers are slip-resistant and are available in multiple enhanced colors and patterns. Brushed travertine pavers, with a semi-shined, somewhat porous finish, are commonly used as pool copings and for hot tub surrounds.

Natural stone pavers are superior to garden-grade concrete pavers. Concrete tends to break down over time, requiring repair or replacement due to cracking or chipping. Porous concrete retains moisture, causing moss or mold to develop. Natural stone pavers provide durability, versatility and longevity. They are easy to install and easy to maintain.

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